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Dog Stories with Heart


"Beautifully written & illustrated, poignant, heartwarming...  

Dog lovers of all ages are going to LOVE these little gems!"  


Bonzai Comes Home to Stay



"Bonsai sat looking out through the bars of the steel cage trying to understand how he came to be in such a forlorn state.

It seemed like only yesterday that he was a tiny puppy being bundled into a warm coat and riding with Mr Joe to his new home...

,,, the pretty lady with the red lipstick had come looking for a small dog, a playful dog, a young dog..."


"Books written for all those puppy people who ever loved or longed for a dog of their very own..."

"I've always loved a good dog story and as a writer, my goal is to both entertain readers with beautifully written books, books that make them laugh, occasionally shed a few tears, but most of all, books that help them love their own dogs more.  My desire is to create books full of delightful illustrations and photographs that share the hearts of our faithful four-footed companions.


I want my books to help little people learn about loving and nurturing and yes, caring for their pets, but more importantly, I hope they inspire a deep connection and love for dogs.  Dogs can help children in such amazing ways, and in today's world, perhaps more than ever before children need a dog to love and perhaps more importantly, a dog to love them back.  

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When school is hard or friends don't understand, or when their world is a scary place (as our world can certainly be at times) the constant love and loyalty of the family dog can be a wonderfully healing presence in the life of a child."

Books were where I learned about and yes, learned to love dogs when I was a child.  I hope these stories are a unique and valuable place of comfort for dog lovers be they young or old.  My prayer is that they will help others find that special love that sometimes only a dog can bring.   

Terry Cross

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Coming Spring 2017

Barkley Finds A Forever Home Puppy Diva Terry Cross


"Barkley Finds A Forever Home"

"Oliver, A Proper Garden Dog"

(And for all the cat lovers out there,,,)

"Fluffy Blue Eyes A Most Unusual Kitten"


Fluffy Blue Eyes Children's Book Puppy Diva
Oliver A Proper Garden Dog Children's Book Terry Cross

Puppy Training 101 - Coming May 2017

Puppy Training 101

Puppy Training 101 was written with you, the newbie puppy owner in mind. For over two decades I've helped nervous puppy parents find the proper tools and techniques & the path to puppy bliss.  This puppy roadmap will help you overcome common obstacles and navigate the often confusing journey to owning a truly amazing canine companion!

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Helping kids learn

 to love reading and instill a newfound compassion for pets with our newly published line of dog stories.

Terry Cross the puppy diva with Agatha

The Storyteller

"I learned as a child to love dogs and to love reading about them. Owning really wonderful dogs, learning about them, reading dog stories helped me learn about love and loyalty, about overcoming struggles with courage and grace.

Authors like Albert Payson Terhune, that grand 1930's dog fancier of Sunnybank and hero dogs like his glorious collie Lad, the beautiful silver coated Grey Dawn. Those dogs and many others like them came alive in marvelous stories that both captured my imagination and carried me to a place where no matter what childhood struggles I encountered, there were warm hearted, always loyal and loving fur-covered friends who would help fill the empty places that every child sometimes faces.

As a storyteller and a writer, my goal is to convey the blessings and beauty that the animals we live with add to our lives.  Not only dogs, but an occasional cat or even a pony might make an appearance in the books that it's been my joy to create.  

 My sweetest Agatha whose heart is always full of love...

My sweetest Agatha whose heart is always full of love...